Hello All,

The church is described in the Bible as "God's household" and the "pillar and foundation of truth" in 1 Timothy 3:15. What an honor (and responsibility) given to us by God to be able to be all of those things! As a "household", we at Waterfront Christian Community are delighted to welcome you as part of our family. When you think of the word family, in this world today, often we think of dysfunctional families. In fact, many of us came from such a family. But as the church, God has called us to be a greater and more exciting kind of a family! A true family, especially a church family, should be one of love for one another, trust, open and honest communication, fun, laughter, instruction, learning, sharing with and caring about one another, praying for one another, growing and learning together, overcoming obstacles and struggles together, and always, but always keeping the relationships in tact. At Waterfront, we delight in the fact that Jesus is the Head of our family and that all the things mentioned just now as part of a functional family are happening at WCC and growing! Our common bond is the love of Christ in us and we take no human credit for what God is creating in His household at WCC. It is truly a "God thing"! We also have five committed, loving, caring, and Godly elders to oversee the inner workings of the household of God to ensure that it stays that way! Our family wants to share the love and blessings with others who don't know this kind of love yet, and so we welcome you to visit with us and "feel the love" and share in the blessings of such a family!

As the "pillar and foundation of truth", we also are extremely committed to ensuring that God's truth is the only truth acceptable in His household. We find this truth to be in his inspired Word, the Bible, and not in the opinions of man or the traditions and rituals in many churches. We preach and teach only what the Bible has recorded as to how the family should function and how we as individuals can be overcomers and be productive, purpose filled, joyous and full of peace in this often crazy world. We build our lives on this truth as our pillar and foundation. The pillar helps to hold up the structure and the foundation of Jesus Christ is who we build upon. No greater foundation can be laid than Jesus Christ our Lord. As a church, it is our responsibility before God to teach people the proper way to build. Again, the only acceptable truth is God's truth and this is what we teach at WCC. God has been pleased with our efforts over the years and this is evidenced in the changed lives, the victories and blessings He has provided, the growth and baptisms we have had recently, and the great plans we have for the future together.

If you want to be part of such a loving family who holds to God's truth so devotedly, we invite you to come Sunday mornings at 10:00 and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 for Bible study. On Sunday, we have Junior Church for four years old and up, and nursery for the little ones. If you want to make your family part of our family, we don't think you will be disappointed!

Love in Christ,

Waterfront Christian Community Church
West Homestead Fire Hall | Sundays @ 10:00 AM
Preacher - George Gregory |