Our Vision...
. . . is to learn God's will and then to see God do more than we can ask or imagine in ourselves, and in the lives of those around us for generations to come.

Our Mission...
. . . is to know Jesus Christ more than just intellectually. We want to know Him in a personal way and follow Him. We want to tell the world the Good News, that is that Jesus' mission is to provide us with a much better way of life and hope that this life is not the only thing we have to live for.

Our Purpose...
. . . is to guide people into a true relationship with God through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior; to give people a faith foundation through prayer and the study of God's Word; to help people discover their unique abilities; to enable people to be all God created them to be.




Waterfront Christian Community Church
West Homestead Fire Hall | Sundays @ 10:00 AM
Preacher - George Gregory |